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When ChainZilla was conceived it was done with the purpose of raising the bar in terms of the quality of the dapps being used in the industry. Currently there are various dapps such as Agama that allow projects to easily add coins to use a first generation version of Jumblr to anonymize transactions. However, these applications are not meant to be commercial-grade apps.

That is where ChainZilla steps in. Our goal is to build upon the strong framework that teams such as Komodo have created. The CAMO extension is based on Jumblr will have certain features that will set it apart from it's first generation counterpart. Initially this feature will be available as a standalone app and when we have a release candidate we will begin integration it with the Basilisk multiwallet. 

CAMO features

  • An Intuitive State-of-the-art UI/UX to increase adoption
  • Auto-updates 
  • Light weight framework for Jumblr
  • SPV Only
  • Standardized Seed Storage Mechanism
  • Paper Wallet Generator for Secret Address

Future features

  • Integration with Basilisk multi-wallet
  • BarterDEX Integration (beta phase)

Ultimate Goal

  • ChainZilla will create a friendly Jumblr-based app that will change how users interact with zero knowledge proofs. The Komodo and BarterDEX ecosystem is growing and we need to find ways of utilizing the technology that is available in order to make cryptocurrencies fungible. The CAMO app will be the new standard for using zero knowledge transactions through the Komodo Jumblr layer.

Plans for Launch

  • The CAMO ux/ui design will begin on the first second quarter of 2019 and it will enter the development stage during the fourth quarter of 2019. 


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